Land lease communities are not your average trailer park or mobile home community. Today's land lease communities offer safe, affordable housing in well managed communities where you can rent or own your own home.

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American Housing Advocates

Bruce Savage, former Director of Communications for the Manufactured Housing Institute and Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber started American Housing Advocates to offer a place where consumers could discover a positive message about all of the great attributes of factory-built housing. It's been a labor of love that continues to grow, and the audience has found it refreshing to hear a positive message instead of one that is filled with negative, stereotypical ideas that are not what our industry is about.

And the great news is that it's working! Today's home buyers are taking a new look at manufactured homes and land lease communities and are liking what they are seeing. Well constructed homes that are full of current design details and offer a lifestyle that most consumers are excited about.

If you haven't visited a land lease community recently, you might want to take another look at this affordable housing solution - we think you'll like what you see.